What is the "Window Series"?!?

The origin of what has become a popular cornerstone of a boudoir shoot with me is a pretty cool one. First, let me start with our studio itself. My wife and I live and work out of our 2 bedroom 1400 sf loft located in downtown (midtown) Atlanta Georgia. Most all of the interior shots you see are done at our private studio.

One day, as I was prepping for a upcoming boudoir shoot with a new client, I was staring out of our bedroom patio door looking at the city view and traffic below. I stepped through the patio door , closed it and looked back for some reason back through the door at the bed and stared. Something clicked in my head and I kept that thought as our client arrived and we shot her first outfit. We shot her 2nd outfit in a different area of our space and then she went to change.

When she returned, I said let’s move to the bedroom. So she she got on the bed, I opened the patio door and stepped out, before closing I gave her the instructions to change her positions|poses every 5 to 10 seconds and I’d give her hand signals if I need her to pause. With that said I closed the door and began to snap away not certain if she would like the outcome. Through the preview screen, I saw amazing images of the client surrounded with city highlights caught in the reflection of the mirror. Shooting through the glass patio door created depth, mystery and a different unique dimension to each image.

Needless to say I was excited with how it turning out, but would the client like it? After she changed, she stepped out for a errand and she came back for the big reveal giving me time to cull the best images from the shoot together. As we flipped through the first few sections, she was super pleased with everything. We then proceeded to the “window series” portion and she was  blown away.  She remarked specifically at how they were visually different from most boudoir photos that she had researched. She walked away with a big smile on her face which meant my job was well done.
Next test were the 2nd and 3rd shoots scheduled that weekend.  They netted the same results = Happy clients. After that, I ran a few stories on Instagram and the feedback was awesome.  A star was born – #windowseries

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