Masked visuals w/ A.L.

I had been following William’s work for quite some time before I decided to reach out and ask him about possibly doing a shoot. I was nervous, scared, didn’t know what to expect. When I walked into his loft that first day, him and his wife met me with a huge smile and a hug, immediately helping me to feel much more at ease! His shots made me look at myself completely different- Seeing yourself in the mirror is one thing. Seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes is a whole new experience! Not only did he get me started with my modeling career, him and Rhonda have become family. I will forever be grateful for the professionalism, hard work, and dedication that is William


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  1. The way the mask and shoes are coupled with the underwear shoot makes these images unusual and quite striking… Its really nice to see some unique imagery being created, and I’m sure these are great for your portfolio!

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