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“Skyway” Editorial featured in Elegant Magazine

β€œSkyway” Atlanta

July 2019 editorial

featured inΒ @elegantmagazineΒ β€’
πŸ“ΈΒ @weaphotography

MΒ @maple_westbridge

🏍 @bugwhisperer247
MagazineΒ @elegantmagazineΒ .

For more phenomenal images from this shoot, “behind the scenes”Β  & others – click here or the fans tabΒ on the menu above.

DSC_6562DSC_6564DSC_6567DSC_6568DSC_6569DSC_6573DSC_6574DSC_6579DSC_6582DSC_6594DSC_6600DSC_6606DSC_6608DSC_6610 (1)DSC_6613 (2)DSC_6617DSC_6624DSC_6626DSC_6637DSC_6641DSC_6654DSC_6655DSC_6656DSC_6670

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