Classic Car Portrait Session Atlanta

Back story – My wife and I like to catch the classic car cruise in held at  Elmyriachi Cantina over in the Kirkwood section of Atlanta on 1st Sunday’s.   On one particular summer Sunday,  I met Jorge @_jc65_  who was rocking a 65 lowrider Caddi.  We exchanged numbers and from there, I began to come up with a shoot concept for it. 

A couple weeks later,  I made acquaintances with Michelle @michelle_cherie_kitten and her husband Jay.  They had mentioned an interest in classical pin up type concept – which fit perfectly with the classic car.  So shortly after, we arranged a date and made it happen.    

The session went great as you can tell.  It was awarded a cover feature with 6 pages published in Smokin Ink Magazine issue 12



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