2020 – New Decade – New Inspirations

2020 is upon us all! It’s a new decade with new opportunities, new inspirations, new motivations & new _  you get the picture lol.

With that said, Rhonda and I are proud to announce the opening of our new E gallery!  For those that don’t follow us on Instagram,  I – William, in addition to being a photographer, am a avid motorcyclist.  I don’t own a car. I ride my Indian Springfield to work daily (unless rains or snows).  In the spring|summer you can find Rhonda & I out on the bike with the wind in our scalps, unless we have a shoot scheduled.   


Outside of shooting editorial|boudoir portraiture,  I enjoy shooting lifestyle portraits centering around motorcycles.   My motorcycle brand work has appeared on over 20 covers w/ some centerfold features.  Simply put I have curated a lot of awesome photographs that normally would not see the light of day on this website.  This opportunity provides us new outlet to do so.

Indian Motorcycle Prints 

WEA Photography portrait editorial shoot

Last year, I caught wind that Zac Brown of Zac Brown Band & ZB Customs was crafting a one off Indian Chieftain for charity to benefit his passion project Camp Southern Ground – which hosts children from all socio-economic backgrounds, races, religions for residential camps with activities that challenge, educate, and inspire campers. The organization also supports children of military families, which comprises a large part of their camper population.  The bike nearly complete was getting a 116 big bore kit installed at Indian of Marietta, which is where I get my maintenance done.  I took my camera up there and was able to shoot the bike on the dealership floor.

Taking inspiration from Zac, along with my zeal towards motorcycles – Indian in particular the gallery was born.  Along with my original portrait work,  we will also offer original art work.  In the role of Curator, we form collaborative efforts with local artist’s.  

The most important part of this is – $1 from every order sold during a calander month will be donated monthly to a veterans|womens|kidney research charity.  In addition, $25 dollars from every print or digital product sold from a portrait session will be donated as well.  Those charities speak to me as a cancer survivor with 1 kidney, raised in primarily single parent household & having 2 uncles who I looked up to serve in the U.S. Military. 

Dream big in the new decade yall. 

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  1. Beautiful . You seem to ALWAYS capture the Elegancy and Exact Essence.

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