How much does it cost?

We do not charge a traditional sitting/session fee.   Your only cost is what you purchase. 

Click the link for further details

Will my photos from the shoot be shared on the internet?

Not unless you grant permission for us to use specific photos that you select for our marketing purposes.  On our pre shoot agreement, you can initial and date granting permission or not granting permission.  Either way, your private images are kept safe.

Can I bring an escort/significant other?

Absolutely!  They are more than welcomed to come along & I may ask them to jump in and take a couple pics while you are changing ha ha.  We only ask that they do not take photos, stories or snap chats during the session as it tends to distract everyone from concentrating on making the best photos possible.

What should I wear?

Prior to the session date, we will consult with you on wardrobe suggestions and brain storm on procurement.  We will send you links to stores for you to choose outfits from.  We always suggest a cute one piece  as it flatters every shape and size.

Is nudity required?

Absolutely not,  You the client dictate what outfits that we shoot in.  Some clients choose to create implied nude fine art photographs with sheets and drapes, however as stated prior – the client is the driver of the session.

How much will you edit me? Can you photoshop my body?

Boudoir editing to me is more about “keeping it real” so to speak.  Where as editing for glamour and beauty take it to another level with liquefying parts of the body and totally smoothing out the skin.   I do smooth out the skin a touch to improve consistency and remove temporary blemishes such a bruises, pimples etc.  But for the most part, I believe if you are properly posed and the lighting is manipulated correctly, less editing is required.    For those that want more extensive editing, that can be discussed prior to the shoot or  the reveal session at a per photo cost basis. 

Okay I’m excited and ready to book!  what’s the complete process?

Excellent 🙂   Click on my scheduling link here to see our availability.  We only conduct up to 4 to 5 shoots a month so that we give 100 percent focus, creatively and attention to each client.  We are quality first instead of quantity  so book early – often as possible.

After receiving your date and time request, we will contact you to collect the $400 deposit, confirm the shoot type and to answer any other questions.

We will then email you our shoot agreement form for you to sign and bring with you to the shoot.  We will have an extra copy present on the day of the shoot in case you forget.  We will also discuss wardrobe and send you links to make your selections prior to the shoot. 

Day of the shoot, the remaining session fee is due when you arrive.  Hair and Make up will take an hr or so and we will begin shooting right afterwards. 

How does the Reveal Session work?

The client has the option of going to get something to eat for an hr or to run errands.  They can then come back for the reveal session the same day or we can schedule one within 7 days. 

At the reveal, the client will see 50 to 75 edited photos from the session for them to choose their favorites.  They can then order from a variety of keepsake products such as albums, canvas prints, additional digital’s or prints, which they will pay for at the reveal. Please allow up to 12 days turnaround time on products to return from printer.