2017 Publications

September Inked Barbie Magazine Issue 20 (Cover and centerfold) [Model Raya Jones]

2018 Publications

February Inkd Barbie Magazine Issue #31  [ Model – Erin Hollier]

March 4th  Fox Magazine “Evening Eds w/ Erin”  [Model – Erin Hollier]

March –  IMirage Magazine issue #162 “Erin 2020” [Model – Erin Hollier]

March 28th – Fox Magazine “1 in 1.5 million” [Model – Peyton Whaley]

March 31st – Fox Magazine “Lamentations of the past” [Model – Nicole Christine]

April  Inkd Barbie Magazine Issue #34 [Fitness Model Alyson Leigh]

April  BeautyMute Magazine (Paris) Issue #48 [Model Maddie Holter]

April  Inkd Barbie Magazine Issue #35 [Lauren Linch]

April  BeautyMute Magazine (Paris) Issue #51 [Model Hailey Allrid]

May 4th – Fox Magazine “We are We are” [Model Maddie Holter]

May 7th – Fox Magazine “New Season New Beginnings” [Model Alyson Leigh]

May  Full Throttle Magazine Cover & Centerfold [Model Brittany White]

June Ellements Magazine “Sophisticated Summer Solstice” [Model Peyton Whaley]

June  Philocaly Magazine “Embracing my canvas” [Model’s Angel Robinson, Jillian Hawkins]

August Northside Magazine issue #35 “Streetside Chronicals” [Model Erin Hollier]

August Northside Magazine Issue #36 “What is Man?”  [Model Christopher Covington]