My Work Has Been Featured In Many Publications Including:

2018 Publications

February Inkd Barbie Magazine Issue #31  [ Model – Erin Hollier]

March 4th  Fox Magazine “Evening Eds w/ Erin”  [Model – Erin Hollier]

March –  IMirage Magazine issue #162 “Erin 2020” [Model – Erin Hollier]

March 28th – Fox Magazine “1 in 1.5 million” [Model – Peyton Whaley]

March 31st – Fox Magazine “Lamentations of the past” [Model – Nicole Christine]

April  Inkd Barbie Magazine Issue #34 [Fitness Model Alyson Leigh]

April  BeautyMute Magazine (Paris) Issue #48 [Model Maddie Holter]

April  Inkd Barbie Magazine Issue #35 [Lauren Linch]

April  BeautyMute Magazine (Paris) Issue #51 [Model Hailey Allrid]

May 4th – Fox Magazine “We are We are” [Model Maddie Holter]

May 7th – Fox Magazine “New Season New Beginnings” [Model Alyson Leigh]

May  Full Throttle Magazine Cover & Centerfold [Model Brittany White]

June Ellements Magazine “Sophisticated Summer Solstice” [Model Peyton Whaley]

June  Philocaly Magazine “Embracing my canvas” [Model’s Angel Robinson, Jillian Hawkins]

June  GEI Magazine  “Jean shorts and Heels Issue” [Model Alyson Leigh]

June  Sour Magazine issue #45  [Model Alyson Leigh]

June  Inkd Barbie Magazine issue #37  [Cover model Alyson Leigh,  Model’s Holly Lawton, Devyn Hicks, Katey Clerno]

June Inkd Barbie Magazine issue #38  [ Model’s Rebecca B, Micayla Richardson & Janet Bradshaw]

June  Elegant Magazine  “Carpe Diem”  [Model Micayla Richardson] 

June  Ellement’s Body Magazine “Summers in Montesanti” [Model Nikki Montesanti]

June  Ellement’s Body Magazine “Let man not separate”  [Model’s Chris & Ariel Covington]

June  Sour Magazine  Issue #48  [Model – Jilly Hawkins]

June  Smokin Ink Magazine Issue #1 Cover [Model’s Rhonda Allen, Tara Moore & Devyn Hicks]

July  Smokin Ink Magazine Issue 2   [Model’s Janet Bloodworth, Inez Kausche]

July   Ellement’s Magazine  “Phases of happiness”  [Model Micayla Richardson]

July  Bevie Magazine  “Love & Stripes”  [Model Micayla Richardson]

July   Ellement’s Body Magazine “Poetic”  [Model Amy Preteroti]

July  Ellement’s Body Magazine “Strictly Business” [Model Jessica Picado]

July   Evon  Magazine Bold Issue “Spaces” [Model Devyn Hicks]

July   BeautyMute Magazine (Paris) “Amy’s Way” [Amy Pretoroti]

July  Shuba Magazine “Vibe”  [Model Amy Preteroti]

July  Boyfriend Magazine “Brave New Girl” {Model Micayla Richardson]

July  Smokin Ink Magazine Issue #3  [Model’s Rhonda Allen, Amanda Maylor & Rachel Hejduk]

July  Smokin Ink Magazine Issue #4 Cover feature [Amanda Maylor, Savannah Langham]

August   Ellement’s Magazine Swimsuit Issue “Devyn’s World”  [Model Devyn Hicks]

August   Ellement’s Magazine Swimsuit Issue “Heat” [Model Jessica Picado]

August  Elegant Magazine “Oh Vanna”  [Model Savannah Langham]

August  Elegant Magazine “Tap Out”  [Model Amanda Maylor]

August  Philocaly  Magazine On location issue “On one” [Model Kara Ho_on]

August  BeautyMute Magazine (Paris) “Inclusion” Cover Feature  [Model Micayla Richardson]

August  Inkd Barbie Issue #45 Cover Feature Model Allie Evans [Model’s Rhonda Allen, Holly Lawton, Jilly Hawkins, Meghan McCaughtry]

August  Sour Magazine #57  [Model’s Micayla Richardson, Rhonda Allen, Amanda Maylor, Meghan McCaughtry,  Hazel Vinkovich]

August  Smokin Ink Magazine Issue #4   [Model Micayla Richardson]

September  Shuba Magazine “Sighting”  [Model – Morgan Hennum]

September Ellement’s Magazine “Cay’s Day” [Model Micayla Richardson]

September Elegance Magazine “Maybe Later” [Model Micayla Ricahrdson]

September Full Throttle Magazine Cover/Centerfold feature [Model Micayla Richardson]

September Ink’d Barbie Magazine #47  [Model Natalia Statler]

October Smokin Ink Magazine #6  [Model’s Micayla Richardson (cover), Rhonda Allen, Natalia Statler)

October  Ellements Magazine “Dushi” [Model Gabriella Lucia Joven]

October  Sour Magazine Issue #66    [Model’s Allie Evans, Natalia Statler]

October  The Fox Magazine  “Last Summer Fling” Model [Micayla Richardson]

October  Philocaly Magazine #20 “Wanderland”  Model [Micayla Richardson]

November Northside Magazine issue #35 “Streetside Chronicals” [Model Erin Hollier]

November Northside Magazine Issue #36 “What is Man?”  [Model Christopher Covington]

November Smokin Ink Magazine #8   [Model Allie Evans cover]

November  Ellements Body Magazine #5 “Chill Skate”  [Model Micayla Richardson]

November  Sour Magazine #79   Models [Micayla Richardson/Rhonda Allen]

November  Shuba/Poza #2    “Autumn Flows”  [Micayla Richardson]

November   The Fox Magazine  “Say Somthing” Model [Riley Taylor]

December  Sour Magazine #81    Models [Allie Buttrill, Devyn Hicks, Allison Leigh]

December Ellements Magazine  Model [Raven Richards]

2017 Publications

September Inked Barbie Magazine Issue 20 (Cover and centerfold) [Model Raya Jones]