Atlanta Proposal Photo Session

An awesome client of ours referred our services to Arik, who reached out to me via instagram.  We set up a time to discuss the session & I learned that he wanted to surprise propose to his lovely girlfriend Candace at High Falls Park – the place of one of their first couple of dates.   

Normally engagement shoots are pretty routine,  however because he wanted this was a surprise, he had to camouflage his intentions by inviting 2 other couples to come & telling her that his friend had set up a couples shoot & that he wanted them to go and get some shots as well!  Candace would later reveal that she had no idea & was completely caught off guard – Mission accomplished Arik!

Couples shoots are always fun, I tend shoot them a non-traditionally as far as posing & vibe.  So I shot all 3 couples in different ways, while Rhonda ran the behind the scenes filming.   Arik’s cue to us was once we got down by the falls, he was going to pull her aside & say “I have something to ask you” – once he said that, his sister was near to hand him the ring.  He said that he had a speech prepared but he had forgot all of it in the heat of the moment ha ha! No worries though as my wife and I was in the perfect position to capture all of the spontaneous moments from a session such as this.  

A week later at their reveal session, the tears of joy flowed reliving all the memories from that day.   To us, that’s really what its all about – creating memories like these & creating clients for life.  God Bless

Atlanta Portrait Photographer 30A Adventure – Allison


Wife and I ventured to Florida for a couple days for a little work and R/R.   That’s where we met with several clients – Including the lovely Allison Lee.

Since It’s Thanksgiving day as I post this, we felt that it would be appropriate to share this kitchen table boudoir set that we shot with this lovely lady.   Enjoy

2 published Atlanta boudoir photo shoots

Recently had two boudoir photo shoots that we did for our client’s published in November’s fashion/beauty editorial magazine Ellements

The 1st was shot on location at our old location in  West Midtown,

2nd location was in the Oakland Park Cemetery  

Our staff MUA Mackenzie Lee Kuns  was awarded with her first feature in a publication – for the work she did with our client Lexa Stahl


WEA Photography – An Atlanta full service portrait studio.

Inman Park Photographer

With the upcoming studio move to our new space in Inman Park – just steps away from Atlanta’s eastside beltline,  we wanted to take an opportunity re introduce ourselves.

His name is William, hers is Rhonda.  We are a husband|wife team & studio owners.  William is the chief photographer , while Rhonda handles all the other details that ensure that your experience is the best that it can be.

We strive to give a phenomenal experience & stellar service to all of our clients.  Starting with the initial consultation then on to the photo session and lastly the reveal/ordering session.

We are a Full Service Photography Studio.  What exactly does that mean to you the potential client?  First lets take a look at what we are not.

Shoot & burn photography – S&B photography can be simply described as,  We do a photo shoot,  I send you a link to a gallery for you to pick your favorite digital copies to edit, I edit the digital copies and send them back to you – DONE – That’s it.  You may post a couple pics on social media & the rest get stored on a phone that will most likely be upgraded and forgotten.   

The photos that you put time into planning outfits for, traveling to location or studio for, will end up forgotten as you add cell phone photos and other items to your phone. 

The memories from this mode of operations do not last long. It’s impersonal & it leaves the burden on the client to get print’s, wall art and albums on their own time – which as busy as people are nowadays, it will most likely be on the back burner for a long time.  We are NOT a shoot & burn photography business.

We are a one stop shop full service photography studio.  What that means is when you book with us, all you have to do is show up w/a bag of outfits.  You don’t have to go to the mall to get your make up done (as we have a staff of hair\make up artists that can get you photo shoot ready)

  Once the shoot is over, we won’t just send you a link and let you fend for yourself.   We typically meet with our clients about a week later or in some cases the same day to reveal all the awesome goodness that we created together.  During this time together,  you will also be able to see & touch the heirloom products that we offer. 

This will absolutely  make your photo session a long lasting memory. instead of just a pic on your phone|social media

Shelly Paulson who is one of top Equesterion|Horse photographers in the nation put out an awesome blog post on this subject,  read it here

Here’s how she sums it up – (taken from her blog post mentioned above)

Full Service Studio 

Creates beautiful images for you

Personally reviews images with you at  an in-person selection session

Gives you the opportunity to touch and feel products in person, and discusses sizes and options for prints and display art

Reviews your selected images and discusses retouching

Guides you through the ordering process, answering any questions you might have

Custom designs your products

Packages and delivers your order, including digital files

Shoot and Burn Photographer

Creates beautiful images for you

Mails you a flash drive or emails a download link with digital files

Atlanta Editorial Photoshoot w/ WEA Photography

Atlanta Editorial Photoshoot WEA Photography

Atlanta Editorial Photoshoot w/ Luna WEA Photography

Met up w/ a lovely model named Luna recently to shoot editorial images on the westside of Atlanta.  

Editorial shoots require solid concepts, styling and posing.  It’s not your normal family, senior, lifestyle type pics.

So for this shoot, I aimed for throwback look.  The model took my directives and came through with several options in her bag that my wife and I selected and here we are with fabulous results. 

Since she was used to more portrait style – general type poses, I had her step it up a few notches and add some hot sauce to the mix.   I put her in motion, got her hands involved and had her in positions that may have felt awkward to her, however what may feel awkward looks totally avant -garde in the photos.

Until next time our friends 

Destination – Lexa Stahl Atlanta


Met this NPC nationally qualified physique competitor and incredible young lady when she retained my services for an off season shoot in December.  It was obvious from the start that we had the same work ethic as we knocked out a number of outfits in a short amount of time.
We teamed up again twice in May and the results were outstanding, here’s some from the 1st shoot in May.
For more phenomenal images from this shoot, “behind the scenes”  film & others – click here or the fans tab on the menu above.

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Boudoir Session Atlanta w/ Nardia


Had an opportunity a while back to connect with Nardia via social media.  In addition to being a lovely model, she is also a flight attendant – so we had a chance to link up for a boudoir session in Atlanta while she was laid over for the night.
We ended up shooting two outfits lingerie and nude silhouettes during sunset .  The results were fabulous – scroll down to see.   For additional phenomenal images from the shoot – click here or the fans tab on the menu above.
For more phenomenal images from this shoot, “behind the scenes”  & others – click here or the fans tab on the menu above.
Keywords Atlanta portrait photographer Atlanta boudoir, Atlanta boudoir studio, Atlanta boudoir photography, Atlanta boudoir photographer, boudoir, Atlanta boudoir session, fitness boudoir, fitness photography