Published Editorial What is Man? In Northside Mag

Just found out that a set that I shot almost a year ago was just published in Northside magazine vol 36 - which can be purchased here It was supposed to come out last August however I kept getting updates that it was pushed back. Congratulations to Chris Covington and I the accomplishment.Β  You… Continue reading Published Editorial What is Man? In Northside Mag


Boudoir in Atlanta w/ Tina

Boudoir Session in Atlanta w/ Tina   Instagram @teemariposa               Keywords Atlanta boudoir, Atlanta boudoir studio, Atlanta boudoir photography, Atlanta boudoir photographer, boudoir, Atlanta boudoir session, fitness boudoir, fitness photography

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Shower Visuals

Recently had a client ask about something combining boudoir and water. My immediate thoughts were 'please not another one of those tub shoots with ______ in the water with them'. To my surprise that was not her idea, she gave me creative freedom to craft the concept that your about to see. Due low temps,… Continue reading Shower Visuals

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Couple’s boudoir #2 w/ L&D

So my wife and I were at the airport in Atlanta about to travel on holiday to our yearly|personal marital retreat to the island of Aruba when a email came through. I took a cpl days to answer it as we were enjoying ourselves. Upon reading it, L had expressed a desire to do non… Continue reading Couple’s boudoir #2 w/ L&D