Atlanta Editorial Photoshoot w/ WEA Photography

Atlanta Editorial Photoshoot WEA Photography

Atlanta Editorial Photoshoot w/ Luna WEA Photography

Met up w/ a lovely model named Luna recently to shoot editorial images on the westside of Atlanta.  

Editorial shoots require solid concepts, styling and posing.  It’s not your normal family, senior, lifestyle type pics.

So for this shoot, I aimed for throwback look.  The model took my directives and came through with several options in her bag that my wife and I selected and here we are with fabulous results. 

Since she was used to more portrait style – general type poses, I had her step it up a few notches and add some hot sauce to the mix.   I put her in motion, got her hands involved and had her in positions that may have felt awkward to her, however what may feel awkward looks totally avant -garde in the photos.

Until next time our friends